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How to Entertain Your Pets While You Work from Home

If you find yourself suddenly working from home, you may have the chance to spend more time with your furry friends. In fact, your pets may make great co-workers.

Yet between all the puppy cuddles, you and your pet may be new to a remote work environment. And you may start to find sharing a workspace with your pets comes with a new set of challenges. While it may be tempting to spend your day curled up with your best friend, productivity and balance are helpful for everyone.

In fact, providing mental, physical, and emotional stimulation helps provide balance to your furry family member. And if your pet is bored, they may start to find a way to entertain themselves.

For this reason, here are some tips to help keep your pets busy and happy throughout your workday.

How to entertain your dog and cat while you work remotely

Provide entertainment

Activities are a great way to break up your pet’s routine and provide stimulation. For example, enrichment helps provide mental stimulation to your pet. Also, incorporating enrichment toys throughout the day can help curb behavior cues and boredom. If you have a new puppy or kitten, they may find ways to entertain themselves. Give your pet options to search, find, and work for their toys and treats. Consider switching out your pet’s toys or create your own toys.

Consider the following DIY homemade toys:

1. Tug-of-war Toy

Put a tennis ball (or two or three) in a sock and tie a knot. Or you can get a suction cup tug toy from ComfiTime.

2. Interactive puzzle

Cut a few holes in a plastic bottle and fill it with treats.

3. Snuffle Mat

A snuffle mat is a mat with flaps that lets your pets search for their food. Take a plastic mat, like a doormat or bath mat, and cut holes in the bottom. Insert fleece through holes and tie knots. Sprinkle treats or food in the mat and your all set.

4. Feather string toy

Tie strings and feathers together for a DIY homemade cat toy. Further, make sure to monitor your pets with any toy or activity. If your pet destroys the toy, dispose of it right away to avoid any possible ingestion.

Take breaks and interact

No pet wants to play with the same toy all day. Breaks are beneficial for humans and pets alike and may help keep you both energized for the workday. Consider a break in between meetings or work. For example, a game of toss or a few minutes of laser pen can add a boost to you and your furry friend’s day.

Play a game of hide and seek

Your puppies and kittens are curious, so consider adding a game into your work schedule. Take a few minutes and play hide and seek with your furry friend. Also, once they’ve mastered hide and seek, you can incorporate other items into the game. Consider adding a favorite toy for the ultimate hide and seek challenge. Reward your best friend with a treat at the end.

Switch up your routine

Take the opportunity to change up your daily work routine. For instance, schedule breaks, incorporate interactive activities and take the time to bond with your pets. In addition, you can also add small training sessions for your new puppy during mealtime or walks. Further, switching up your routine is not only healthy for you, but also for your furry friend. It helps keep them stimulated and engaged.

Invite your furry friends to your meetings

One of the biggest perks of working at home is the companionship of your pets. So, why not take the time to share your furry friends with your co-workers? Your best friend will love the interaction and stimulation and it may bring a smile to a co-worker.

An enriched pet is a happy pet

Taking the time to entertain your pets and interact with them while you work remote provides them stimulation throughout the day. Playtime and bonding time is beneficial for the health and wellness of you and your pets whether you’re on or off the clock.


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