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7 Ways to Make Your House a Home

What you put inside your house can make the difference between whether you enjoy spending time there or not. No matter the size or style of your home, incorporating your personal style matters the most. Follow our simple tips to transform your house into a home that's the right fit for you.

Make It Functional

If you love to cook, don't put away all your utensils and appliances; incorporate them into your home's design. Fill large, colorful jars with the items you use most.

Add Warmth

Sure, expensive furniture and a spotless home are appealing, but that won't add warmth. Fill your most used spaces with plush rugs, throw blankets and comfortable furniture the entire family can use.

Dress Up Empty Walls

A collection of picture frames can make a room feel cluttered. Instead, display family photos, kids' artwork and memorabilia from your travels on blank walls.

Make Guests Feel Welcome

Nothing makes a house a home more than when your closest friends and family visit. Place comfortable outdoor furniture and lush plants on your porch to make guests feel welcome before they walk in the front door.

Create a Lived-In Look

If you don't look like you actually live in your home, you won't want to spend time in it. You can keep things organized, but you don't have to necessarily put everything away in storage. Showcase your hobbies, display fresh florals and collect furniture over time instead of buying matching sets.

Add Personality to Every Room

Unless your personal style is a cohesive, minimalist look, give each room personality with a different color palette. Add color by painting the walls or adding bold furnishings. Each room's color palette should reflect its functionality.

Light Candles

Nothing will make your home feel as welcoming and cozy as the smell of freshly baked goods. You don't have to spend hours in the kitchen baking — just light candles around your home that smell like your favorite dessert.


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