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7 Tips For A Pet-Friendly Home

There is nothing like being welcomed home by wiggling tail or a purr, when coming back home after a long tiring day. For pet owners they are their companions more than an animal. They offer companionship, house security along with enhancing behavior among children.

Though as much as we cherish our pets, they also bring challenges to any living condition. Pets have needs that must be considered while constructing or renovating the home.

Check for hazards

Making your home safe and inspecting for potential dangers is the first step towards a pet-friendly home. For instance, cleaning products, medicines, anti-freeze and any other hazardous items should be stored away from their reach in closed cabinets. If consumed these can be lethal for pets.

Make sure indoor plants are pet-safe

Want to add green to your home, ensure that you bring in plants that don't harm the pets even if consumed. For instance, lilies are a big no if you have a cat as pet, as these can cause them kidney failure. Other common, but toxic, plants include amaryllis, mums, poinsettia and aloe vera.

Use stain-resistant fabrics and flooring

Opt for fabrics and flooring material that requires you to work less. Avoid stuff like silk, chintz or velvet as they act as a magnet for pet hair. In fact, leather is a good choice, durable, and easy to clean. You can also use Crypton, an indestructible synthetic fabric that's resistant to smells, stains, and synthetic germs. Crypton fabric, which is used in upholstery, is developed keeping pet owners in mind and is available in a variety of colors and patterns. In case you share bed with your pet, use fabrics that are in a pattern or color that hides pet hair or stains on your bed.

Carpets are never a good choice for pet owners

Since carpet absorbs odors, gathers pet hair and soaks up inevitable pet-related stains, one should avoid having in their home if they have a pet. Use modular carpet tiles could be a good alternative instead of carpet.

Use vacuum to clean your house

For people who have pets at home, a vacuum cleaner is a must. A vacuum cleaner will come to your rescue to remove pet hair from the furniture, carpets and even from the unreachable corners of the home. This will also keep the environment clean.

Create their own corner

To make them feel loved, create their own corner in the home with a DIY pet house in which they can sleep or even relax. Also, add some toys and products that will help keep you and the pet active.

Groom well and train them

Some efforts are to be made on the pet, too. Regular bathing and grooming of your pet saves cleaning time and reduces destruction to your home. For example, brushing dogs frequently prevents hair shedding. A clean pet does not transfer dirt to carpets, bedding and upholstery. Additionally, regular trimming of toenails reduces the scratching of floors and furniture.

Train your pet well to ensure that your home is not damaged even though you take all the precautions. Also, doing so minimizes the chances of mishaps. Though your home will not be clean and tidy always, so don't worry much and enjoy the beautiful bond between you and your companion.


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