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Simple Kitchen Design Tips

Sometimes a simple touch makes a big difference. Whether your personal style is modern, country, or classic, these kitchen design tips will elevate the function and beauty of your kitchen design with ease. Before you undertake an entire remodel, try implementing some of these ideas into your kitchen today.


At the top of the list of desires for home design is better organization. In the kitchen, you can achieve this by keeping some of your items in the areas where you most often use them. For example, store your breakfast foods and bowls closer to your kitchen table rather than all the way across the room. Choose a designated area where you’ll keep your plastic containers for leftovers and choose the drawer closest to your dishwasher for storing your flatware.


The kitchen is usually a common area of families, and that space can quickly become crowded in households with many members. Keep your walkways at least 36 inches wide for easier passage. The area near your cooking zone should be at least 42 inches wide. Furthermore, keep the area in front of your refrigerator clear for people walking by while others have the door open.

Full Access

Configure your cabinet doors in a way that allows them to easily swing all the way open. You’ll likely have to avoid in corners in your kitchen to allow this to happen. In addition, keep your appliances away from the corners of the room as well so that none will bang into walls to limit your access or damage the pain on your walls.


In many kitchens today, you’ll find the microwave mounted above the range rather than taking up counter space. With that said, make sure that you mount your microwave at an accessible height for yourself and your family. For most adults, 15 inches above the range or countertop is an appropriate and accessible height. For families with children who are allowed to use the microwave themselves, consider using a below-countertop location that doesn’t require them to lift plates above their heads.   


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