Motion Sensor Closet Lights, Battery Operated Under Cabinet Light Strip 60" 1.5M

Motion Sensor Closet Lights, Battery Operated Under Cabinet Light Strip 60" 1.5M

Your New Closet Starts With A Smart Light: ✔ Whether your closet is big enough to walk inside or has just enough room to store your items, closet lighting can transform the space and give way to an elevated and chic new look. Take your space from drab to fab with  wardrobe light strip.


Motion Sensor Frees Turning On/Off: ✔ The motion activated light strip work well in your wardrobes and light up when doors are opened, so that you don't need to put on the main lights. Timer automatically shuts off strip light in 20 seconds after you walk away.


Dual Mode Optional: ✔ At AUTO mode, the strip light is motion activated 24 hours in bright and dark area for you, and shuts off after 20-seconds with no movement. But the MAN mode is for pushing to switch On/Off manually, which offers an “Always-on” option according to your demand.


Peel and Stick, Easy Installation: ✔ The LED strip lights with only 0.12inch thick, and have a strong adhesive backing, makes it incredibly simple to install, super easy to hide and gives you super-bright lighting that blends seamlessly into your furniture.


Powered by 4pcs AAA Batteries(Not included): ✔ Please note that you need to buy batteries separately, however, get around 2 months of light on one change with average use of 5-6 activations a day, AUTO mode is a great option for lighting inside wardrobe, closet, cupboard, cabinet, lights come up once triggered both day and night, bright and dark.

  • Product description

    Motion Activated LED Light Strip
    Lacasa motion activated Led light strip is specially designed for lighting areas only when the IR sensor detects movement. The light automatically turns on and shuts off after 20-seconds with no movement.

    Ideal for Illuminate in Wardrobe, Closet, Drawer, Cupboard, Bathroom
    The right lighting can dramatically impact the overall functionality of a space. A thoughtful lighting design combines additional useful illumination with the luxurious boutique effect that highlights favorite collections like bags or shoes as showpieces.

    24 Hours Motion Activated at AUTO Mode
    AUTO Mode: The motion sensor is stand-by when the black slider switch on the side set to AUTO, and then you are good to go. Moreover, this motion sensor wardrobe light will be trigge