illuminlabs Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights with Timer & Dimmer (Short Tube)

illuminlabs Full Spectrum LED Grow Lights with Timer & Dimmer (Short Tube)

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🍀 A Real Full Spectrum – We know that different parts of the sunlight spectrum have different benefits and can support different growth stages of the plants. However, many of the “full spectrum” LED plant grow lights on the market are very low for some parts of the spectrum, therefore will not be able to support certain growth stages. Our LED lamp has a more uniform spectrum, which means it can support the entire growth cycle from seedling, vegetative, budding to flowering and ripening.


🍀 Three Timing Options with Smart Cycle Memory Function - Our LED plant lights can be timed to 3, 6 and 12 hours, providing the flexibility for you to choose the right lighting time for your indoor plants. The Smart Cycle Memory function can remember the time you started the lights, so the lights will turn on automatically at the same time the next day.


🍀 Ten Dimming Levels – Different plants require different amount of light; even the same plant during different growth stages requires different lighting levels too. Therefore, our LED plant grow lights offer 10 dimming levels, which means you can fine tune the brightness at a 10% increment, from 10% all the way to 100%. This provides the maximum flexibility for you to give your indoor plants just the right amount of light to promote its healthy growth.


🍀 Strong Clip Base, Solid Metal Lamp Casing and 360°-Rotating Flexible Gooseneck – The lamp casing is made of premium anodized aluminum that has better heat dissipation and can prolong the life of the lamp. The base is equipped with a strong clip to provide the lamp with a solid and stable base support. With the 360o-rotating flexible gooseneck, you can precisely position the lamp to the right angle and height.


🍀 3 Lighting Modes for Best Energy Efficiency and 144 LED Beads for Large Coverage Area – While most small LED plant lights have 100-130 LED beads, our lights are made of 144 high-quality LED beads (48 beads per lamp), which allows for larger coverage area and more uniform coverage. There are also three lighting modes for you to choose from – turning on one light, two lights or three lights for best energy efficiency.


Product Description:
Ever dream about a beautiful mini garden in your room? With our tri-head full spectrum LED plant grow lights, your dream will soon come true!
Our LED plant lights provide the genuine FULL SPECTRUM light. It is more uniform than most other LED plant lights, therefore it provides better support for the entire growth cycle of indoor plants from seedling, vegetative, budding to flowering and ripening.
Our lamp includes three lamp heads, three gooseneck supports, one base clip and an AC adapter. It has three lighting modes (with one to three lights turned on at the same time), three timing options (3-hour, 6-hour and 12-hour) and 10 dimming levels (10% to 100%). The cycle memory function allows the lamp to turn on automatically at the time when you manually turned it on.

• Full Spectrum: 380nm-800nm
• Number of Lamp Heads: 3
• LED Beads: 144
• Power: 72W
• Lamp Casing: Anodized Aluminum
• Color: Silver
• Lamp Head Dimensions: 6.9”x 1.4”
• Gooseneck Length: 16"

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