ComfiTime Shower Curtain, Farmhouse Shower Curtain Set (Green)

ComfiTime Shower Curtain, Farmhouse Shower Curtain Set (Green)

SKU: Shower Curtain-Petals-Green-72x72



  • Bathroom Shower Curtain: Made from expertly chosen and thoroughly tested polyester fabric, which is made to withstand moisture-rich bathroom environments.


  • Featuring a perfectly weighted hem, reinforced top header and rust-resistant metal grommets.


  • Ater repellent-water glides off and dries quickly. Water drops beads up just like a seed pearl in rolling on the lotus leaves. Keep your home clean and fresh.


  • ComfiTime Bath Curtain is easy to clean. Cold water and machine washable.


  • Artwork: 12pcs rust proof grommets along reinforced top-header, and weighted hem at bottom, and free 12 hooks.



Product Description:

Create an aesthetic environment for your bathroom with this classy shower curtain. The bright and lovely colors and pattern enhance the ambience with this stand alone piece. Designed to keep the wetness and steam in while you enjoy a relaxing shower. Use by itself or as a liner to protect your decorative curtain!


Product Specifications:

Material: Polyester

Size: 72” W x 72” H

Color: Green

Brand: ComfiTime

Included: Shower curtain(1x), Hooks (12x)