ComfiTime Contour Gauge with Lock- 2PCS

ComfiTime Contour Gauge with Lock- 2PCS

SKU: contourgauge01
  • 【Metal Lock Mechanism】ComfiTime contour gauge duplicator is upgraded with metal locking mechanism, which is much more durable than others' plastic lock. Metal lock mechanism is designed for long term use. It can keep the original shape without transformation, helping you duplicate and transfer the shape accurately to anywhere you need.
  • Adjustable TightnessNever worry about too loose or too tight of plastic pins to slide in, especially after being used for several times; with the bonus little allen wrench, you can simply adjust the tightness of plastic pins according to your preferences.
  • Extra Depth PinsThe 10” and 5” contour gauge duplicators both come with 5.1” (130mm) deep fingers which can measure profiles up to 3” (76mm) deep as compared to the 40mm depth for regular contour gauges.
  • Aluminum Core For Extra Durability The 10-inch profile copying tool is strengthened with Aluminum core for better integrity and durability. The high-quality ABS plastic pins won’t bend easily or scratch the original finish of working materials.
  • Ideal Gift ChoiceWith Vibrant colors, ComfiTime Contour Gauge 10” and 5” Set come along with the Double-Sided Rulers in both SAE/Metric large or small profile. You can duplicate any shape instantly in woodworking, auto metal sheet, stainless steel or any job of contour duplication. Without a doubt, it’s a perfect gift for father, husband, son and friends who love DIY projects in any occasions.
  • ComfiTime Extra-depth Contour Gauge with Lock

    No matter when you are installing tile, carpet, linoleum, crown molding or working on other woodworking projects, the contour gauge, also called contour duplication gauge, profile gauge, simple gauge or shape duplicator, is a helpful tool for transferring odd or irregular shapes. Among all the brands on the market, here is what ComfiTime Extra-depth Contour Gauge with lock have to offer:

    🔶 Adjustable and Locking Feature

    ComfiTime contour gauge can adjust the tightness according to your needs. After using the contour ruler for a period of time, you can easily adjust the tightness. Once object has been contoured, lock contour gauge teeth in place for perfect traces every time.

    🔶Precise Shape Duplication
    Ever bothered by stiff pins that are too tight to move or loose pins that can't keep shape? With ComfiTime Extra-depth Contour Gauge, transferring shapes becomes easy. Our profile gauge is made with high-quality ABS material in a highly controlled process and the 1/16 inch-thick pins can provide enough precision to catch fine details while gentle enough not to scratch the working surfaces.

    🔶Twice the Measuring Depth of Regular Master Outline Gauge
    Although working like quick gauge, regular contour gauge duplicators can't measure profiles deeper than 1.5 inches. However, with 5.1 inches extra-long pins, ComfiTime contour duplicator tool can measure up to 3 inches deep, which is twice the capability of the regular outline gauges.

    🔶Strengthened Aluminum Core
    Never again worry about broken plastic cores and scattered pieces on the floor. The 10-inch marking gauge is equipped with Aluminum core to hold the pins firmly in place, which provides extra strength against dropping episodes.

    🔶Product Specifications
    Material: ABS plastic and Aluminum
    Sizes:10 inches x5.1 inches; 5 inches x 5.1 inches
    Measuring Depth: 0 – 3 inches

    Color : Bright orange