ComfiTime Composite  Waterproof Shoe Covers for Rain and Snow

ComfiTime Composite Waterproof Shoe Covers for Rain and Snow

SKU: Composit Waterproof Shoe Covers


Premium Natural rubber material provides strength and durability superior to silicone shoe covers. The shoe sole is strengthened for better resistance to abrasion. It’s reusable and meant for long-term wear. No more worries for holes or ripping.


Great elasticity to cover your shoes snugly. It will be as a whole with your shoes. No any affection on your activity.


The outsole of the waterproof shoe covers is specially designed with raised disk-shape patterns. It offers excellent grip to ensure that you footing remains sure on slippery surface or wet floors.


The high-elastic material and snug-fit design makes the rain shoe covers easy to put on and remove. A wide range of unisex sizes are offered to ensure a proper fit for almost everyone.

👟Wide Applications

The one-piece shoe protectors covers are seamless and 100% waterproof and dirtproof. It protects your shoes from water, oil, dirt, mud, rain and snow for various activities such as hiking, gardening, car washing, cooking, camping, fishing, traveling, farming, painting works etc.

  • Product Specification:

    ● Color: Orange/Black

    ● Material: Natural Rubber

  • What is Included in The Package?

    ● Waterproof Shoe Covers (1 pair)
    ● User Manual (1*)
    ● Waterproof bag (1*)

  • Size Chart:

    X Small: For SHOE LENGTH 23.5cm - 25.5cm (Kids: 2.5Y-5Y, Women:4-6.5, Men: 4-6)
    Small: For SHOE LENGTH 25cm - 27cm (Kids: 5.5Y-7Y, Women: 7-10, Men:6.5-8.5)
    M: For SHOE LENGTH 26.5cm - 28.5cm (Women: 9.5-11.5; Men: 8.5-10.5)
    L: For SHOE LENGTH 28cm - 30cm (Women:11-13, Men: 10-12)
    XL: For SHOE LENGTH 29.5cm - 31.5cm (Women: 12-14, Men: 11.5-13.5)

    Note: We understand that shoe size in length varies between different makers and styles. Therefore, to find the right size for your shoe covers, we recommend using “the length of your shoe sole (SHOE LENGTH)” instead of “shoe size” on the label as your ultimate reference.

  • Precautions & Care:

    ● Please follow the usage guide to put on or take off the shoe covers to avoid excessively stretching and damaging the material.
    ● Shoe covers are not recommended for use by seniors, small children, or pregnant women.
    ● Please keep it away from young children to avoid danger of suffocation.
    ● Wearing the following type of shoes may damage the shoe covers or cause you to slip and fall. (Thick Sole, Pointed-toe, With Metal Decorations, High-heeled)